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Bianca means a clean slate, a virtual white plate primed for delicious expression and ready to transport you to far off places. Bianca is a family-friendly restaurant in Chestnut Hill, MA, that celebrates the ability to be influenced by our world travels, but is as comfortable as our own kitchens.

Within Bianca, you can find Mr Roni Cups! A Roman-style pizzeria that, in addition to pizza, offers wood-fire rotisserie, and highlights from the Bianca menu for take-out, delivery, and dine-in.

In Response to COVID-19

We are incredibly happy to be opening now in Chestnut Hill. The outpouring of support we've received - from the long time guests and old friends of our other restaurants, to the folks of the Chestnut Hill community who we haven't yet had the opportunity to meet - was overwhelming. Thank you so much for checking in on us. To say that the last few months have been challenging would be a huge understatement; but your emails, calls, texts, and Instagram DMs helped us weather that storm.

We were all geared up and ready to open on March 19th right as life as we knew it changed for everyone. We had to close before we ever opened! 5 months later (to the day!) we are finally back to doing what we love most: serving you.

Now that we are in a position to open our doors, we do so with the safety of our staff and guests as our first priority. Below, you can find the safety procedures that we've implemented to keep you feeling safe and comfortable when you dine with us.

We are all in this together. Restaurant folks are a tough breed with kind hearts. We are used to having to work with a number of obstacles on a daily basis to do what we do. But we can't do this alone.

Restaurants everywhere need your help and cooperation to make sure that these safety procedures are actually effective. Please, whether you dine with us or at any other restaurant, wear your mask and follow the restaurant's safety guidelines so that we can continue to operate and provide you with warm hospitality for years to come.

Safety Procedures:

All staff are required to wear face coverings at all times when at the restaurant

Guests are required to wear face coverings while at the restaurant unless seated at their table

Social distancing measures have been put in place and are enforced for both staff and guests. Signage is posted in all restaurants to help remind guests and staff of social distancing protocols

Our staff has received ongoing training on social distancing and hygiene protocols

Timers are set at all restaurants to ensure full sanitation of high-touch surfaces every 30 minutes.

All staff are instructed to sanitize hands after every interaction with a guest or supplier.

Hand sanitation stations and hand sinks have been set up throughout all restaurants for ease of handwashing for both staff and guests

All staff members and suppliers who enter the building undergo a temperature check and fill out a questionnaire confirming a lack of symptoms related to Covid-19 and exposure to the virus.

CDC safety guidelines and Control Plans are prominently posted at all locations